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Flexible IP Training Solutions


Flexible Content, Flexible Pricing, Flexible Curriculums, Flexible Delivery


Courses are widely accessible, tailored to your organization and available at a price to fit any budget.

They’re backed up by an experienced support team that’s there if you need help.

Engaging and Relevant

  • Content is written and updated by experienced practitioners and educators

  • Interactive format with quizzes and scenarios to hold learner interest

  • Professionally designed with clear and relevant graphics

  • Curriculums that fit your environment

Know Your Company’s Intellectual Property Knowledge Strengths and Weaknesses with the ipKnowledge Diagnostic

Uncover valuable insight about your employees’ intellectual property understanding and knowledge using ipPerformance’s ipKnowledge Diagnostic assessment engine. It will enable you to  identify individuals, departments, or at a company level who and where to focus your intellectual property training program.

Low Pricing and High ROI Training

  • Flexible pricing to find the best fit for your needs and budget

  • Increase valuable inventions while reducing incomplete disclosures

  • You can’t afford NOT to use ipPerformance Training!

Accessible Anytime/Anywhere


  • Online courses are available for any web-connect computer

  • Access training from an iPhone, Android, Surface, or iPad

A Powerful Way to Validate Your IP Culture.

An Intellectual Property-Driven Culture is a Powerful Corporate Asset

Find out with the ipCulture Audit


Intellectual Property Fundamentals

Training courses that are designed to give you a basic working understanding of the nature of intellectual property assets, how to protect these assets, why these assets are important to business, and what is expected of all company personnel.

Intellectual Property Extensions

Training courses that are designed for expanding your understanding of IP assets, standard operating practices, and best practices policies. They are targeted for intellectual property stakeholders involved in development, third party facing  activity, transactions, new product development, and new business.

Intellectual Property MicroLearning

Training courses that are designed for learners on the run with a specific need. We cover most topics in less than 5 minutes.

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