Intellectual Property Microlearning Courses

More than 30 microlearning courses are available to meet your company’s specific needs. The microlearning courses are bite-sized, relevant, and focused training. This flexible approach to training is designed for learners who need to understand an intellectual property concept or activity in a concise lesson. These courses may also be used as a lesson refresher. Most lessons are covered in less than seven minutes to give a burst of knowledge on specific IP topics.

Patentability Requirements
Invention disclosure reviews
The Patent Department
Reading a Patent
  • What Happens After the Invention
  • Disclosure is Submitted to Patent Department
  • Completing an Invention Disclosure Form
  • Conducting Prior Art
  • Confidential Proprietary Information
  • Document Creation and Handling
  • Factors and Considerations for Early
  • Defensive Publication
  • Handling Unsolicited Ideas
  • Invention, Inventorship and Ownership
  • Necessary Preparations for Completing an Invention Disclosure
  • Outside Cooperative Development Programs
  • Patent versus Trade Secret Protection
  • Prosecuting a Patent
  • Publication after Filing Patent Application
  • Releasing Technology to a Joint Venture
  • Requirements for Patentability
  • The Patent Department – What do they do
  • Understanding Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights
  • Understanding the Importance of Intellectual Property in a Business’s Value Chain
  • Using Technology Related Agreements
  • Why Obtain a Patent