Online Intellectual Property Training Solutions 


ipPerformance Training Academy’s comprehensive training library of intellectual property courses covers a breadth of topics to improve your company’s innovation culture and enable the workforce to fully understand the appropriate handling of company rights and respect third-party intellectual property. In addition, we work with clients to customize courses and curriculums to fit their environment.

ipPerformance Training online solutions are created to strengthen your employee’s understanding of intellectual property value to the enterprise.

Intellectual Property Fundamentals Courses
Business Importance of Intellectual Property
Patent Fundamentals
Trade Secret Fundamentals
Trademark Fundamentals
Copyright Fundamentals
Intellectual Property Extensions Courses

IP and Commercial Relationships: When do you need an agreement?
New Products and Freedom to Operate Procedures
Exploring Intellectual Property Assets for Research Development & Engineering
Inventor Lab Research Notebook Procedures
Patenting Process – Invention Disclosure, Review, Approval, and Patent Grant

Intellectual Property in Joint Ventures
Handling Intellectual Property in Cooperative Relationships
New Use Patents
Intellectual Property Valuation Methods
Intellectual Property Assets through Strategic Alliance Life Cycle
Intellectual Property for Marketing Advantage: An Introduction to Patent Issues in the Marketplace
Patent Intelligence, Methods, and Analysis

Intellectual Property Microlearning Courses
After the Disclosure – What happens after the invention disclosure is submitted to patent department/patent attorney
Completing an Invention Disclosure Form
Conducting Prior Art Studies
Confidential Proprietary Information
Document Creation and Handling
Factors and Considerations for Early Defensive Publication
Handling Unsolicited Ideas
Invention and Inventorship
Necessary Preparations for Completing an Invention Disclosure
Outside Cooperative Development Programs
Patent versus Trade Secret Protection
Prosecuting a Patent
Publication after Filing Patent Application
Releasing Technology to a Joint Venture
Requirements for Patentability
The Patent Department – What do they do?
Understanding Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights
Understanding the Importance of Intellectual Property in a Business’s Value Chain
Using Technology Related Agreements
Why Obtain a Patent?
Essentials for Research Development and Engineering Courses
Intellectual Property Knowledge and Value Primer
Invention and Inventorship
Intangible Assets vs. Tangible Assets

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Intellectual Property Fundamentals Courses

Training courses that are designed to give your workforce a basic working understanding of the nature of intellectual property assets, how to protect these assets, why these assets are important to business, and what is expected of all company personnel. This curriculum/course explains the fundamental principles and business value of patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights and the protections provided by each.


Essentials for Research Development and Engineering

The Essentials for Research Development and Engineering training curriculum is geared toward your technical personnel. It reinforces company intellectual property concepts and essential technology-related intellectual asset topics to ensure that technology employees will recognize and respond appropriately to circumstances that may arise during their work. In addition to intellectual property principles, the technology-related topics discussed include inventorship, joint ownership, obtaining a patent, open source, proprietary information, freedom to operate, and unsolicited ideas.

Intellectual Property Extensions

Intellectual Property Extensions are courses designed to expand the workforce’s understanding of IP assets, standard operating practices, and best practices policies. These courses target intellectual property stakeholders involved in transactions, new product development, and new business. Additionally, more advanced topics are covered for employees participating in or leading efforts to monetize, leverage, and transact intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Microlearning Courses

The microlearning courses are bite-sized, relevant and focused training. This flexible approach to training is designed for learners with the need to understand an intellectual property concept or activity in a concise lesson. These courses may also be used as a lesson refresher. Most lessons are covered in less than seven minutes to give a burst of knowledge on specific IP topics. There are more than 30 microlearning courses available to meet your company’s specific needs.

Patentability Requirements
Invention disclosure reviews
The Patent Department
Reading a Patent